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Cutting Boards

Colored cutting boards aren’t just for adding flair to your kitchen, they are used to help you ensure food safety. Different cutting board colors signify different foods types that are allowed to come into contact with the board.

Organizing foods into different types helps ensure safety in regards to such things as bacterial transfer and allergenic concerns.

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What do the colors mean?

Blue cutting boards indicate the use of seafood products. Seafood carries special concerns in regards to food safety, and care should be taken to avoid any contact of seafood with other foods. Bacterial transfers and just plain flavor transfer can be easily avoided by separating items with colored cutting board organization.

Green cutting boards are meant to be used with vegetables. Use green cutting boards to keep flavorful vegetable items from interfering with your other foods' taste, and free from any contaminate transfer.

Red cutting boards are used for cutting red meats. Food safety when working with meat is crucial in any kitchen, and using the appropriate colored cutting board is an easy way to maintain safe food handling practices.

Yellow cutting boards are used for handling poultry products. As with any meats, it is important to eliminate contact of any raw meat or surface the meat has touched, with any other food items. Using a yellow cutting board is a quick and easy way to minimize the risk of bacterial transfer to other foods.

Brown or Tan colored cutting boards are used to indicate bread products. Following color coded cutting board organization, keeping foods like breads free from bacteria sharing or flavor transfer can be easy.

White cutting boards represent all purpose use. Use a white colored cutting board to provide a durable, and easy to clean surface for a variety of cutting needs.

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