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Commercial Sandwich Prep Tables

Sandwich Prep Tables allow you to keep cool ingredients in reach at all times. This saves time and energy when assembling sandwiches or salads. Take a look at our many options and let us help you find the Sandwich Prep Table that's right for you.

28'' Sandwich Prep Tables 36'' Sandwich Prep Tables 48'' Sandwich Prep Tables 60'' Sandwich Prep Tables

72'' Sandwich Prep Tables

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Sandwich Prep Tables:

Which are more useful on a Sandwich Prep Table, drawers or doors?

Both are great features that essentially serve the same purpose. Choosing which is best for your establishment should be based on your needs. Drawers are ideal for storing smaller containers while doors open to the complete interior and can have shelving. If you can't choose one or the other there are models that feature both.

Will my ingredients stay cold in the pans?

Yes, Sandwich Prep Tables are designed with unique refrigeration systems that not only ensure that your pans are kept cool but that the interior is also. Air circulates around the pans, keeping your ingredients at ideal temperatures which means they stay fresher longer.

What size Sandwich Prep Table is right for my operation?

Sandwich Prep Tables come in a variety of sizes and pan capacities. When purchasing a Sandwich Prep Table, consider the quantities of ingredients as well as how much of your product you are selling. High volume establishments may need larger units because of demanding sales while a smaller establishment may need the same unit because of the variety of the menu.

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