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Commercial Charbroilers

Looking for a way to improve the flavor and presentation of your dishes? Using a Charbroiler to cook foods, especially meats and seafood, can help your chefs create dishes that stand out above the competition. Charbroiling dishes not only adds that smoky, charred flavor to meat and seafood, but also offers the aesthetically pleasing grill marks so dishes taste fantastic while looking amazing when plated too. A lava rock charbroiler can create flame flare-up similar to an outdoor grill. When placed in an area visible to guests in the dining room the sights, sounds, and smells from the grill can entertain and entice. With three different types of charbroilers; electric radiant, gas radiant, and lava rock all offering a variety of options to choose from in all the top name brands, you are sure to find just the right charbroiler to fit your kitchen.

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FAQ and Buying Tips about Charbroilers:

Radiant or Lava Rock?

Gas charbroilers use several different char materials, including charcoal, lava rock, ceramic briquettes and radiants. Lava rock imitates the properties of coal or wood embers. Radiant charbroilers use metal radiants to transfer heat, and while no coal is used, most agree that radiant broilers still impart charbroiled flavor. If you're using a lava rock or a radiant charbroiler, there's going to be little difference in food taste, but radiant broilers are more durable than lava rock charbroilers. Radiant charbroilers will cook faster and cleaner than lava rock charbroilers due to higher BTU output, and they'll be much easier to clean.

Buying Tips

  • Lava rock charbroilers will produce flair ups like an outdoor charcoal grill, which can produce a better flavor on foods.
  • Lava rock charbroilers heat faster than their radiant counterparts.
  • Radiant grills heat slower but often reach higher temperatures.
  • Pay attention to BTU and energy ratings. Higher BTU ratings can improve recovery time and efficiency on some models.

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